The profitability of partnerships

From their aligning values to the new offerings they can collectively provide consumers, Iwan Tamm, CMO at Percuro, discusses the reasoning behind its latest partnership with Petsure.

Why has Percuro decided to partner with Petsure?

Percuro is always looking for like-minded companies and brands to join our efforts in promoting the health of pets and the planet. We believe in the power of nutrition as a preventative measure and this fits beautifully with the mission of Petsure.

As much-loved family members, irrespective of age or condition, cats and dogs should receive the same level of care and nutrition for the sake of their good health and wellbeing and this is what the new partnership promotes.

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What can be expected from the partnership?

Petsure and Percuro will be partnering to increase the reach of our products and services and to drive greater awareness and further education of preventative health care and nutrition for all pets. Together, we strive to create a bigger impact on the health of pets and the planet.

This alliance is also an important milestone for Percuro in our journey to becoming a global leader in honest, sustainable pet food.

What are Percuro’s “core values”?

Our core values as a company are simply summarised in our valued behaviours: to do what’s right, to own what we do and to do this together as a diverse team.

The Percuro team aligned with a shared vision: ‘to do pet food differently’. We came from different walks of life, but shared a passion for all animals, for nature, and the future of our planet.

What is Percuro’s USP?

Percuro combines scientific knowledge with natural and sustainable ingredients to deliver the first clean insect protein food for the holistic health of the pet and our planet.

Additionally, pets leave a huge carbon pawprint on our earth and we knew we needed to reduce this so we decided to set ourselves a challenge: to create the next-generation pet food for conscious pet parents, utilising an innovative and sustainable protein source – insects.

What will benefit consumers from this partnership?

Our partnership will further help owners in keeping their pets at their best. Next to our products and services we are able to provide more educational content to a wider public and our joint promotions will allow consumers to benefit from free Percuro products and additional discounts when joining the Petsure insurance.

Why should other pet retailers consider forming similar partnerships?

When there are common values and complementary businesses and capabilities, partnerships like ours are a great platform to drive a bigger impact on the lives of pets and the planet than only working on this individually.

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