Unipet: manufacturer of the Suet To Go brand

On behalf of Unipet

Unipet International is a leading UK manufacturer specialising in suet based Wild Bird products, and manufacturer of the Suet To Go brand.

At Unipet, we have been proudly supplying the world of Wild Bird nutrition for over 25 years. During this time we have crafted specialist knowledge and created recipes that birds love and thrive on.

Suet To Go is ideal for year-round feeding. Our food is made with the highest quality ingredients and is sure to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. 


We are pleased to inform that we’ve rebranded our High Energy Suet Pellets and now suppling in bright bold eye-catching packaging, to reflect our dedication of minimising our ecological impact to protect the habitats of our feathered friends. 

Each box is 100% curbside recyclable and made from a minimum of 50% recycled material. Making it easier than ever for our customers to keep on enjoying the products they love – without costing the earth. 

Available from your local speciality pet care wholesalers.

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