Formulas to satisfy your cat’s instinctive love of meat

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Carnilove Cat ranges offer even the pickiest of felines a tasty experience to satisfy their instinctive love of meat. Carnilove Cat food features wild-origin meats that are grain and potato free with extraordinary taste and great digestibility. 

Carnilove Dry cat food ranges offer recipes for all breeds and life stages.

  • Carnilove Dry – contains 70-75% wild-origin meats and up to 30% forest fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This range includes Duck & Turkey for large breeds and Salmon & Turkey for kittens. 
  • Carnilove Fresh – contains 80% wild-origin meats, including fresh meat and 20% forest fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Carnilove True Fresh – made exclusively with 70% Fresh Meat and no meat meals. This natural form of nutrition offers excellent taste and digestibility. 


Carnilove Cat wet food ranges are complete and balanced recipes. 

  • Carnilove Wet food pouches – made with wild-origin meat and are grain and potato free. With 6 recipes for adults and 1 for kittens, these pouches come in flavours to suit all. 
  • Carnilove Wet food cans – a unique composition of white muscle meat provide a delicious and healthy snack that respects cat’s natural nutritional needs. 

If you are interested in becoming a stockist for Carnilove Cat food, or any of Carnilove’s other ranges of dog foods or treats, please contact the BSB Products Team on 01737 488400 or at 

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