CARNILOVE True Fresh Cat food made with only fresh meat emerges as standout product

On behalf of BSB Products

In the highly competitive market of cat food, CARNILOVE True Fresh Cat, distributed by BSB
Products Ltd, has emerged as a standout product.

CARNILOVE True Fresh Cat is made using only the freshest ingredients in its manufacturing process.
Unlike many other brands that rely on processed or frozen ingredients, Carnilove True Fresh
formulas contain a high proportion of fresh meat from farms and local sources. This commitment to
freshness ensures that the final product is nutritionally rich and free from artificial additives or

CARNILOVE True Fresh cat food is produced using a gentle cooking technique. Instead of subjecting
the ingredients to high temperatures or excessive processing, CARNILOVE uses innovative new
processing methods that preserve the natural flavours and nutrients of the raw ingredients. This
technique helps to retain the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins, and enables a kibble made
only with fresh meat, no meat meal.


“CARNILOVE True Fresh cat food offers something different to the dry cat food market; customers like the concept of having the benefits of fresh meat, in a convenient kibble format. 

This latest range from CARNILOVE is a great example of their commitment to quality and innovation -it sets them apart from the competition, making them a trusted and preferred partner in the pet food industry.” Colin Rodger, Managing Director, BSB Products Ltd.

Carnilove True Fresh Cat for adult cats comes in three delicious recipes enriched with beneficial fruit and herbs. They are grain and potato free and contain natural ingredients that are functional and complement each other, allowing for easy transition from one variety to another and making them ideal for rotational feeding.:

  • Carnilove Cat True Fresh Turkey enriched with sea buckthorn, cranberries, and ginger root 
  • Carnilove Cat True Fresh Fish enriched with lemna, blueberries, and chicory root 
  • Carnilove Cat True Fresh Chicken enriched with cranberries, thyme and rosemary 

All recipes are suitable for sterilised cats. They contain minerals and healthy ingredients including fresh meat. Cranberries, sea buckthorn and blueberries help support a healthy urinary pH and healthy urinary tract.

Carnilove True Fresh Cat is available in 340g and 1.8kg bags.  If you are interested in becoming a stockist for Carnilove True Fresh, or any of Carnilove’s other ranges of cat foods, dog foods or treats, please contact the BSB Products Team on 01737 488400 or at

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