The effects of Brexit on the pet industry

James Langan, Managing Director of Natures Menu, the UK and Europe’s leading expert in raw and natural pet food, discusses the effects and challenges that Brexit has posed on the pet industry, and how Natures Menu has adapted to the changes.

Brexit has caused issues and complications for many industries in the UK and the pet industry is no exception.

Many pet food brands rely on international trading, and Natures Menu has experienced huge setbacks in this area since Brexit – we’ve found it’s now easier to supply to Dubai than to Dublin! Back in April, Natures Menu had €120,000 worth of stock stranded, awaiting clearances for more than 60 days, with an additional €300,000 stuck in the Norfolk warehouse due to Brexit related barriers – which is enough product to feed almost 6,000 pets!

The pet industry has also witnessed a huge knock-on effect from the disappointing lack of feedback provided on rejected shipments.

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