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Company of Animals celebrates almost 40 years of helping animals

Founded in 1979 by Dr Roger Mugford, The Company of Animals began life with the creation of the original HALTI Headcollar. Dr Mugford has evolved the range into a comprehensive range of non-pull solutions for all types and sizes of dog. This includes the HALTI Optifit Headcollar which adjusts to the shape of a dog’s face to provide comfort and control, and the HALTI Harness, designed to stop a dog pulling by providing steering control from the chest.

Roger Mugford founder and CEO explains: “The HALTI is a modified halter which I used to fit on small calves. The first dog I used the HALTI Headcollar on was an unruly Irish Wolfhound that I was retraining, to improve walking to heel, and was concerned that managing a dog of that size could damage my back. People were really impressed with the improvements in walking with their dogs and we have continued to evolve the HALTI. The current HALTI is in fact the fourth generation of headcollar design.”  

Today, the business sells its products in over 50 different countries around the world and has over 30 product categories in its portfolio. The core of the business is training and behaviour brands including HALTI, Pet Corrector, Baskerville and Clix which are established and respected globally. More recently CoA acquired the Pet Head brand.

Standing out

Dogs are in the soul of company. Roger explains: “The primary driver has always been to develop effective and kind products that help owners and their pets find an enriched life together. We have pioneered accomplished products and shared knowledge. Dogs are good for us. We will continue to promote solutions that allow owners to love life with their best friend.”

“Dogs are in the soul of the company”

Recognisable for brands such as HALTI, Baskerville, Pet Corrector and Pet Head make the company stand out against competition. The Company of Animals has a rich history in the development of unique behaviour and training products. “Strengthening the bond between owner and pet has always been the most important concept for The Company of Animals,” Roger explains, “Our portfolio of products is constantly evolving but this focus remains the central point for the company.”

Maintaining its roots

Although the business has grown and expanded internationally, it continues to be located in Chertsey, Surrey. Since 1994 both the Company of Animals and the Animal Behaviour Centre have been based at Ruxbury Farm. This 100 acre working farm is also home to sheep, cows, horses and even some llamas. Farming is Roger’s personal passion and his childhood upbringing of having to handle large and potentially dangerous farm animals proved a great training ground for innovative product development. Another core interest for Roger is his global work improving dog welfare.Through 2017 he has been involved in a large scale project resettling dogs caught up in the Korean dog meat trade. Roger was directly involved with nine dogs that came over to the UK and worked closely with local rehoming charities and medical detection dogs to give all these dogs a fresh start.

From the start of Roger’s work as an animal behaviourist, Roger came across many owners that complained about negative aspects of their pet’s behaviour and this motivated him to set up his own animal behaviour consultation business. The main focus for the Animal Behaviour Centre has been dogs, however Roger has treated anything from cats to more exotic species and has even trained the Queen’s Corgis! Bringing an informed scientific approach to re-training animals with behavioural issues, Roger works with both owners and their animals simultaneously, helping pet owners to understand the source of the problem and then finding a solution to move both pet and owner forward together. The Animal Behaviour Centre holds a wide range of dog training classes, as well as offering one to one consultations. This part of The Company of Animals business is key for product development and within the pet industry is considered unique.

The future

The Company of Animals in combination with Dr Mugford’s pioneering spirit and the Animal Behaviour Centre’s knowledge base promotes continual investment in product development of functional, rewarding and kind solutions. Many new products and innovations are currently in dog proving and testing and they will start to join the range as part of the company rebrand later this year.

Dr Roger Mugford and The Company of Animals has concentrated on delivering effective and humane solutions that share knowledge to retailers and through to owners because every dog matters. Roger explains: “Our products continue to promote dog confidence, control and benefit long term rewarding relationships. Our brands are pioneering solutions and we have chosen to implement a long awaited rebranding exercise. This will strengthen and support the showcasing of the new and existing training and behavioral products to all markets and our ever-widening audience of owners and their best friends.”

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