Sustainability initiatives: we must act now

In a discussion with Kim Smet, interim general manager at Mars Petcare UK, he explains why it is paramount to provide initiatives that protect the endangered habitats of today. Smet alludes to the brand’s latest project, the ‘Hope Reef’ programme, aiming to educate people on the importance of rebuilding the reefs and making more sustainable choices

Why is it important to support global sustainability projects?

Supporting sustainability projects has always been important to us at Mars Petcare, we have worked on coral reef restoration for the past 18 years and more recently set up our Sustainable in a Generation Plan in 2017 to ensure that Mars is a positive force in the world for years to come. We are all becoming more conscious buyers and trying to make decisions that have a positive impact on the planet, and with many shoppers also looking to play an active part in protecting the planet and pets, it’s critical for brands to lead the way.

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