Did you do any research before adopting your dog?

We all know how tough it can be to say no when you meet the perfect dog for you. You may have even found yourself taking your new dog home without time to do any research first. If this sounds anything like you, then you’re certainly not alone, as results of a survey from insurance provider Legal & General revealed that one in three dog owners did little to no research before deciding on which breed to adopt.

Out of those who did research breeds 43% agreed size is an important factor, followed by temperament at 41% and lifestyle at 34%. 11% of people considered the cost of various breeds, with just 7% looking into the cost of pet insurance.

14% of owners revealed that they had five or more visits to the vet in the past 12 months, with 45% of owners also saying that at some point they have also had to pay a visit to an emergency vet. As all pet owners know, unexpected vet visits can be rather pricey.

With this in mind 36% of owners said that they don’t actually have pet insurance, with 46% saying that they don’t need it. On the other hand, 48% of owners said that pet insurance is a life saver.

On a sadder note, 6% said they were unsatisfied with their chosen breed, a position which must be heartbreaking. To help lower this, Legal and General have created the Breed Selector, a tool which, instead of allowing you to choose the ideal dog for you, allows a dog to choose you as their ideal human.

It’s a fast and fun quiz based tool that asks about you, your home and your lifestyle, and matches you with a breed which fits in with what you’re looking for.

Some breeds do require much more work than others, so if you are at work twelve hours a day then an energetic breed which needs walking several times a day may not be quite right. But hey, we can’t choose who we fall in love with, can we?

For more information on pet insurance from Legal and General, more information is available on their website.

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