Introducing Tavo: Pet protection reimagined

Vets endorse new pet protection system

Tavo enters the pet travel market with the first premium pet protection system. Side impact and crash-test-certified to the latest United Nations ECE child restraint standard, the Tavo Maeve™ Pet Protection System includes a luxury carrier that is secured into the car by a simple five second True Lock™ isofix installation system. This not only reduces movement and prevents rotation, but also protects other passengers in the event of a crash.

Developed by Nuna, a world leader in premium baby gear, the Tavo Maeve raises the bar in luxury and safety and, as testament to its design quality, has recently been awarded an international Red Dot Design award.

The product is recommended by well know expert veterinary surgeons and authors, ITV’s, Dr Scott Miller BVSc, and ‘The Yorkshire Vet’, Dr Julian Norton.

Dr Scott Miller explains: “As a vet I see a lot more injuries than you would imagine which are caused by pets not being securely fastened in cars. Whiplash injuries, torn nails or even fractures can occur when your pet is flung around the car in an accident. The Tavo Maeve system allows your pet to be in total safety and comfort. It also comes with optional wheels, allowing for ease of use for those vet visits or for the older pets who may be suffering with mobility issues.


“Tavo Maeve is an essential piece of kit for any pet owner who wants total peace of mind when travelling with their pet in the car. It’s great quality, easy to install, has some great features like bedding inserts for added comfort, and a built-in lead for security.”

Dr Julian Norton adds: “Just recently, I treated two dogs which had been involved in a car accident when the vehicle they were travelling in overturned at high speed. Luckily, both dogs were relatively unharmed, but it really goes to show that our pets are just as vulnerable as humans in road traffic accidents. It highlights the importance of offering our pets the same protection and safety as we’d expect for other members of our family.

“I’ve had the chance to test out one of the Tavo pet car seats and it is the safest system I’ve come across for transporting pets in cars. The fact it’s been tested to human standards and fits into the back seat using the isofix safety points, gives me and other pet owners peace of mind we’re keeping our four-legged loved ones safe when on the road.”

With many drivers unaware that they are liable for a £5,000 fine if they fail to suitably restrain an animal in a vehicle, the Tavo Maeve gives pet owners the added reassurance that they are complying with the Highway Code and are not at risk of receiving penalty points, incurring a fine, or in the event of a crash, invalidating their license.

Becky Guy, Road Safety Manager, England, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), explains: “The importance of restraining pets in vehicles is key in reducing the risk of injury or death not only to the pet but to other occupants in the vehicle in the event of a collision. At 30mph, an unrestrained pet could be thrown forward with a force of 30 to 60 times their own body weight. Ensuring pets are safely secured in vehicles not only protects them and passengers, but also reduces the chances of the pet distracting the driver.”

Featuring premium materials and timeless aesthetics, the Tavo Maeve 3-in-1 Pet Protection system includes a luxury carrier, vehicle base and an optional Roscoe™ stroller frame for additional travel needs outside of the vehicle. Available at Halfords across the UK both in-store and online it starts at £500 and is available in five luxe colourways, including Onyx, Fawn, Merle, Sable and Brindle. There are also coordinating options for the Roscoe stroller, which is accented with vegan leather details in black, cognac, and chocolate.

Tavo offers ultimate driver peace of mind, while the pet enjoys comfort and protection, safely restrained inside the carrier. Tavo promises a commitment to timeless style, purposeful product innovation and an unwavering dedication to safety.

For more information, visit Halfords online and instore or contact Graham Gardiner, Head of Sales UK at

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