Kennelpak expands Diamond Pet Foods partnership to include Diamond Naturals range

The move further elevates Kennelpak’s portfolio, adding a mid-range natural and superfood pet food offering, alongside Taste of the Wild’s premium positioning. Kennelpak, the pet specialist wholesaler, brand owner and distributor, today announces an expansion of its exclusive distributor partnership with the world’s largest grain-free and natural pet food producer, Diamond Pet Foods

This latest announcement taps into the thriving natural pet food market, introducing Diamond Naturals uncompromising quality and performance to the UK. By adding Diamond Naturals to Kennelpak’s carefully curated portfolio, this new range, along with Taste of the Wild, will serve the premium and quality natural pet food market and further establish Kennelpak as the go-to distributor and wholesaler in the UK.

Celebrating 50 years of pet food expertise, Kennelpak will benefit from Diamond Pet Food’s extensive experience in the US where demand for natural pet food has soared, with Diamond Naturals becoming the fastest growing natural pet food brand. With the global natural pet food market expected to grow by 7.16% during 2024-2032[1] alongside the trend towards treating pets like family, this new agreement sees Kennelpak poised to be the distributor of choice for UK retailers looking to provide UK pet parents with a greater selection of natural and holistic pet foods.

The Diamond Naturals range offers retailers and pet parents a high- quality, healthy and wholesome family pet food, offering exceptional ingredients at a mid-range price. The range includes options for dogs including all life stages, puppy, adult, senior, and specialist diets as well as selections for kittens, fussy and indoor cats.

The #1 ingredient in Diamond Naturals is real meat or fish, with only cage-free chicken, pasture-raised lamb and beef, and salmon. The high-quality protein from these real meat sources aligns with a pet’s natural diet and supports the muscles, organ function, immune system, healthy skin and shiny coat of dogs and cats. For superior nutrition, every formula is packed with superfoods like chia seeds, quinoa and spinach along with powerhouse fruits and vegetables like kale, blueberries and papaya, which help pets fight disease, boost energy, and maintain overall good health and well-being.


Kennelpak already owns and distributes a wide range of brands appealing to all pet parents and this announcement adds a further option for the growing natural pet food category.  Recent investment in an experienced sales team and support function has put Kennelpak in the perfect position to capitalise on these opportunities and further grow its distributor sales.

Kennelpak Chief Executive Officer, Claire Bayliss, said: “We are proud to announce the expansion of our partnership with Diamond Pet Food, offering our customers an exciting new natural pet food brand at a mid-range price point. Pet owners are increasingly more informed about the benefits of natural ingredients in their pet’s food and, by adding Diamond Naturals to our portfolio alongside Taste of the Wild, we will give more choice to health-conscious owners who are looking to feed a diet that more closely emulates their dog’s and cat’s natural eating habits.”

Luis Miguel Gomez – VP of International Sales for EMEA added: “Kennelpak is a trusted and longstanding partner to our business and has successfully distributed our Taste of the Wild brand to UK retailers since 2016. Kennelpak was therefore our first choice to work in partnership with to bring our Diamond Naturals brand to the UK market. Our mutual commitment to excellence is the pillar of our business relationship and we look forward to seeing the growth of our exciting concept in the UK.”

The new products are available in the UK now.

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