Fleischeslust new steakhouse range – Single protein complementary food sausages

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Following the successful launch of Fleischeslust sausage wet food products at the beginning of this year, BSB Products Ltd has now extended it’s offering with the new Fleischeslust Steakhouse range, a single protein complementary sausage. 

The complementary pure meat Steakhouse range is gently preserved high quality single protein meat and innards, without artificial flavours and additives. This makes it ideal for personalised nutrition for dogs, especially those with sensitivities, allergies and intolerances. The sliceable sausage makes a great complementary option for dry kibble. BARF or raw feeders can use it as a base for their normal customisations, but in an easy to store and transport format. 

Fleischeslust Steakhouse is available in 600g sausages and comes in five flavours:

  • Steakhouse Pure Buffalo 
  • Steakhouse Pure Goat
  • Steakhouse Pure Duck
  • Steakhouse Pure Poultry
  • Steakhouse Pure Game


In addition, BSB Products Ltd has introduced two new complete food recipes to the existing classic sausage range. These include Farmers Menu with Chicken, Beef and Lamb (Suitable for puppies from 4 months) and Golden October with Buffalo, Quail, Lamb and Beef (for Senior dogs). 

The Junior and Senior menus are specially developed to support the needs of growing puppies and of older dogs. At these ages, dogs have an increased risk of suffering from food intolerances, so they have a need for high-quality and easily digestible proteins. Junior and Senior menus pay special attention to this and use primarily pure muscle meat. Both recipes are available in 400g and 800g sausages.

“We are delighted with the response we’ve had to the introduction of Fleischeslust sausages this year. The classic range is incredibly popular, so we are pleased to introduce two new recipes to this range to include puppies and senior dogs. 

The new Steakhouse range provides owners flexible feeding options for their dog and being 100% single protein makes it a great option for dogs with allergies.”.  Colin Rodger, Managing Director of BSB products.

Fleischeslust operates from Langwedel, Northern Germany where the factory gently steams the products in their sausage casing to protect the integrity of the protein and maintain the mineral content. Fleischeslust is committed to creating food and treats that are species appropriate using premium raw materials and no artificial additives.  

If you are interested in becoming a stockist for Fleischeslust dog food or treats, please contact the BSB Products Team on 01737 488400 or at

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