Furbo camera helps dog find new home

A six year old Staffie called Wiley has been able to find his forever home through the use of a Furbo surveillance camera made just for dogs.

Wiley had been at the Battersea Dogs and Cats home for a while, but was considered too loud as he was always seen to be pacing, barking and “not showing himself at his best”. Visitors commented that while he seemed like a well behaved dog, but there were concerns he would be too loud in the home.

Wiley showing signs of stress and boredom in his kennel

The Battersea volunteers put his behaviour down to boredom and decided to teach him a trick to attract potential owners. Wiley was taught how to hold a bunch of red roses by a handler and once he got the hang of the trick, the handler was advised to leave the kennel. It was through the Furbo camera that Battersea volunteers were able to still reward Wiley for his efforts with the camera’s clicker training feature, which dispenses treats with a clicking sound. He was also rewarded for being calm.

The Furbo camera is a surveillance device which can be connected to a user’s phone allowing them to monitor and interact with the dog remotely. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa to schedule or give treats through voice command. It also has two-way audio, night vision and barking alerts so users can soothe and quieten the dog in real time.

A spokesperson from Battersea said: “We decided to teach him a trick to perform for the public making him look more attractive. Wylie found now his forever home and two months after his adoption we visited him in his new home again where he feels loved and home. He still stopped barking and behaves like the perfect gentleman.”

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