Simply2 Pet Products brings back Christmas ProFleece bedding

Simply2 Pet Products has brought its Christmas range of ProFleece pet bedding back to its online store,  allowing customers to treat their pets to an “extra comfy Christmas this year”. 

The Christmas range of ProFleece features five festive patterns to match any holiday decorating scheme. Choose from a classic green with red stockings and Santa hats, a blue or grey snowman print, or neutral grey with a subtle snowflake or reindeer pattern. 

Just like the rest of the range, the Christmas ProFleece is designed to give your pet a comfortable sleeping spot “anywhere in your home”. Thanks to the non-slip backing and deep pile, it’s ideal for sleeping on hard surfaces or to go inside your pup’s crate. Not only is ProFleece extra soft and thick, it’s non-fraying and holds up to even tough chewers. Best of all – it’s made of recycled materials!

Every square metre of ProFleece contains 120-200 recycled plastic water bottles. Not only does this make ProFleece extra eco-friendly, it also means the bedding allows liquids to drain through while remaining dry and comfortable for your pet. If you’re thinking this makes ProFleece perfect for when your pet wants to flop down after a rainy or snowy walk, you’re spot on – for more than one reason.

When pets go outside, they don’t just bring back muddy paws. They also bring a variety of bacteria, fungi, and parasites home with them. Michelle Ingram, director of Simply2 Pet Products, said: “If bedding isn’t washed regularly, it ends up covered in pathogens. These can make both humans and pets really ill, especially if you have young children. In fact, experts say that pet bedding should be washed at least once a week, but a lot of pet owners find they don’t have the time.”

Simply2 Pet Products added its ProFleece pet bedding makes it “easier than ever” to keep your home safe and clean for your family. The polyester fibres resist staining and bacterial growth, and each piece of ProFleece is 100% machine washable. There are no covers to remove, no unwashable parts, and it dries quickly even without a tumble drier. 

It’s because of these qualities that ProFleece originally made a name for itself in the veterinary industry, providing comfort and warmth for recovering pets or even during whelping or kittening without compromising on hygiene. 

Want to give your pets a snuggly Christmas this year? Place your orders soon, because the Christmas ProFleece is only available at Simply2 Pet Products until 25th December – and usually sells out much sooner. 

Simply2 Pet Products is a family-run online pet store dedicated to supplying the very best products for cat and dog care to trade and retail customers worldwide. Founded in 2018, they have their own brand of premium pet bedding, ProFleece, and supply a range of leading pet care brands. Simply2 Pet Products is the official UK distributor of Suitical Recovery Suits, Pet Teezer, and Tick Twister. For more information or to shop visit www.simply2pets.com. They can also be found on Facebook @Simply2PetProducts, Twitter @Simply2Pet, and Instagram @Simply2Pets.

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