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Webbox Natural expands range

Webbox Natural has expanded its range to include the ‘Duo Dinner’, available in chicken, duck and turkey flavours and designed for owners who like to offer their furry friends both wet and dry food. 

The 2-in-1 complete meal comes in a portion-controlled package with 140g of wet and 70g of dry to ensure pets are getting the correct amount of food and all the right vitamins and minerals.

The Duo Dinners are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients and are hypoallergenic, vet approved and wheat gluten free.

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Product manager Zoe Hardaker said: “Our customers expect the very best from us, and we’re delighted to offer them a new range that takes into account the desire for both wet and dry food as part of a balanced diet.

“The existing range has proven really popular and we’re really pleased to be able to expand what we’re offering to include even more quality products.”

Webbox Natural has also introduced a new Cat Mousse to their growing range.

The products are good for all cats, but are specifically tailored towards older or sickly cats, and come following increased demand.

The 85g mousse comes in Tuna, Chicken and Salmon varieties.

Zoe said: “Our customers are not shy in telling us what they want, and we heard loud and clear the need for a mousse which offered a complete meal but in a softer variety.

“To continue building on the success of our Webbox Natural cat pouches, this new mousse is a soft whipped texture which is great for all cats, and in particular those who are elderly or sickly.

“We’re confident that our new products continue to offer a 100 per cent natural feeding solution at great value for money.”

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