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Ceva bolsters DOUXO S3 range with new calm pads

The pads provide a further ‘easy-to-use’ application method to support cats and dogs with ‘itchy, irritated or sensitive skin’

Ceva Animal Health has increased its DOUXO S3 skincare range with the launch of calm pads for cats and dogs.

Ceva is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of pet behaviour products.

It revealed the pads provide skincare solutions that “soothe” itchy, irritated skin while maintaining the skin barrier. 

According to Ceva, the highly saturated cotton pads can be used on both cats and dogs, providing “optimum” tolerance and are free from soap, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, colourants and nanoparticles.

The brand has also said the new pads also remain moist three months after opening, scented with a hypoallergenic “summertime fragrance” which smells like coconut and vanilla.

Andrew Fullerton, product manager for DOUXO S3 at Ceva, said: “The new DOUXO S3 CALM pads are a welcome addition to the DOUXO S3 CALM range, providing another application method to encourage compliance among pet owners and provide support for cats and dogs with itchy, irritated or sensitive skin. 

“The pads are easy to use and can effectively target and soothe hard-to-reach irritated skin.”

The DOUXO S3 calm pads are available in packs of 30 from October 2021.


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