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Interpet launches new aquarium design

Interpet has launched a new aquarium design with enhancing interior features.

The new look offers a unique and ‘high-spec’ equipment in one package with a retail price at £249.99.

The AquaCurve aquarium comes with an easy set-up kit and is also fitted with an ultra-bright LED light.

Adrian Exell, development and marketing manager at Interpet, said: “People are investing in lifestyle and home improvements and, also, in their pets. The impressive, modern AquaCurve LED aquarium kit with its stylish curvy design is an antidote to the same old rectangular aquariums we’ve all seen before.”

Covering all areas within the aquatics market, Interpet’s says its aim is to educate and support fish keepers, and to encourage the enjoyment of fish keeping at all experience levels.

Exell added: “It’s different and fun, while not compromising the health and wellbeing of the fish. Tapping the touch sensitive switch gives a soft, mysterious blue light that allows people to enjoy their aquarium at night without stressing out their fish.”

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