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New pet food subscription service launches in the UK

A new pet food subscription service designed for dogs has launched in the UK. 

The products provide “all daily recommended calories covered, as calculated through a nutritional consultation

In addition, the pet food is sustainable made entirely from human-grade ingredients grown or raised on sustainable and ethical farms in the UK. 

Each meal contains single-sourced protein, fresh vegetables, and a bundle of superfoods 

Mikala Skov, co-founder of Marleybones, said: “When we started Marleybones, we knew we had to take a different approach to the existing pet food industry.

“The regulatory standards currently allow by-products such as feather and blood, with no nutritional benefits to speak of, in processed dog foods.” 

She added: “This coupled with an overwhelming number of claims of content and quality, it becomes impossible to understand what we are actually feeding our dogs. 

“With blockchain-backed transparency, we empower our customers to make conscious, informed choices for the health of their dog, people, and our planet.”

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