Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home announce partnership with Abercorn and Braid vets

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has announced its partnership with Abercorn and Braid vets to provide medical treatment for hundreds of stray and unwanted pets in the home’s care.

The new partnership will support the charity’s work with ongoing work with abandoned animals, who “often reach their doors with a variety of medical conditions.”

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Edinburgh Dog and Cat home have treated animals who have suffered from neglect, illnesses, injuries and dental problems to helping animals who have suffered from more complex surgical procedures.

All the procedures are funded by “generous support” of the public. Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home said partnering up with Abercorn and Braid vets, allows animals to be housed quicker and and have “easy access to exceptional medical care.”

Starting up 50 years ago, Braid offers 24-hour emergency care 365 days of the year.

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has also announced the appointment of Dr Bridget O’Farrell as their first resident vet, which is the first time in 136 years that the home will have a vet on site.

Lindsay Fyffe-Jardine, deputy to the CEO and director of operations, at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, said: “As part of our work looking after such a large number of animals we have to send a number of our residents to the vets every week. 

“This new partnership represents the community values that Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home works towards, putting the passion for quality care of dogs, cats and their owners at the forefront of what we do with quicker access to two of Edinburgh’s most respected veterinary practices.”

She added: “We’re thrilled to have Dr Bridget O’Farrell join our experienced and passionate team of animal experts.”

Mark Holmes, Clinical Director at Braid Vets, also said: “I felt that the opportunity for both organisations to work together to improve both the health and welfare of Edinburgh’s less fortunate pets was too good to miss. 

“For our part it’s hugely rewarding for our vets and nurses to work with, and help, some of the less fortunate patients and provides us with a caseload which is different and challenging.”

Dr Bridget O’Farrell, Shelter Veterinary Partner at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, added: “I’m very excited to be working with Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home as their first in-house vet. Providing primary care at the Home, alongside working in partnership with Abercorn and Braid, we deliver complete medical cover for the animals that find their way here.”

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