‘Celebrity dogs’ raise £4,256 for PDSA

“Celebrity” Spaniels Max, Paddy and Harry, raised £4,256 for veterinary charity, PDSA, in a jetty jump that was streamed live on Facebook.

The English Springer Spaniel trio, are known for their love of the outdoors, including launching off jetties at their favourite lake, Derwentwater in Keswick, Cumbria. Their recent fundraising triumph came about when followers of the social media stars said they’d pay money to see their owner, Kerry Irving join in.

Irving said: “It was suggested by some of Max, Paddy and Harry’s followers that I join the dogs jumping in the lake. I thought OK, and hoped it might raise a few hundred pounds for PDSA. I was completely amazed at how that amount suddenly hit a thousand pounds, then two, then three and ended up at a staggering £4,256.”

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Max and Paddy were awarded a PDSA Commendation last year for bringing “support, comfort and joy” to thousands of people.

Sally Prior, PDSA community fundraiser, added: “A big round of ‘ap-paws’ to Max, Paddy and Harry for their fabulous fundraising efforts – and a special thank you to Kerry for leading the way. Thousands of people follow the dogs’ amazing adventures, which bring so much joy every day.

“On behalf of PDSA, I’d like to thank everyone who donated to their jetty-jumping jaunt, your support means so much. The charity doesn’t receive government funding, so we rely on the generosity of animal lovers to help run our vital veterinary services.”

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