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‘Nazi dog’ prankster asks public for £100,000 to appeal guilty verdict

Mark Meechan, the man behind the now infamous ‘Nazi dog’ YouTube video has turned to the public in order to make a High Court appeal. The video showed him making his dog perform a Nazi salute to videos of Hitler and the Nuremberg Rally.

The public appeal for £100,000 has now gone live on GoFundMe.com, a fundraising website that for any member of the public to raise money.

Meechan was fined £800 yesterday after being found guilty of communicating a video that was deemed “grossly offensive” and in breach of the Communications act. After the trial he said he was determined to appeal what he described as “absolute torment”.

After the hearing he was made aware that he could go to jail after being sentenced, Meechan said, “It is something I am prepared to do.”

Meechan’s case has gone viral and he has received support from famous faces including comedians David Baddiel and Ricky Gervais.

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