Crufts 2022 updates imported register breed qualifications

The Kennel Club revealed the move was due to feedback received from exhibitors

The Kennel Club has announced the Crufts committee has amended the Crufts qualification criteria for the 2022 show in relation to imported register breed classes.

The pet organisation revealed the move was due to recently received feedback from exhibitors.

Furthermore, exhibitors have been asked to acknowledge that group places, in both adult and puppy categories, won at premier open shows held on the group system now count as a qualification.

This includes the Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show awards won at general and group open shows.

Crufts also acknowledged that the Hungarian Pumi breed, which will have a separate classification for the first time at Crufts 2022, will be able to qualify via both the imported register breed route, through awards won at Crufts 2020.

Tom Mather, the Crufts’ chairman, said: “Further to releasing the Crufts qualifications in May, we have been listening to feedback, and hope the additions to the set qualifications will help ensure with not as many shows taking place, that people and their dogs still have a fair opportunity to qualify for Crufts 2022.”


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