Pet shop breeds first ever poodle-parrot cross

Joe King, owner of the Unbelievable Pet Store in Scuttlebutt, has become the first breeder to successfully create ‘the parrapoo’, a parrot-poodle cross.

Speaking exclusively to Pet Gazette, Mr. King said: “It’s groundbreaking. No one else has managed to take breeding to this level. I’m very proud of my staff’s achievements. We hope to see the parrapoo sold in pet stores throughout the world.”

“In time, we aim to increase breed size and strength, allowing the parrapoo to act both as a pet and an environmentally-friendly mode of short-distance transportation for its owners.”

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The exciting new hybrid is said to have a friendly temperament, combining the best of both parrot and poodle. Its unique physiology will require specialised care, giving retailers the opportunity to introduce high margin parrapoo product ranges into stores.


This story was posted on April 1.


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