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Restaurant offers free ‘Quarter Hounder’ to dogs

A London restaurant has began to offer a ‘Quarter Hounder’ burger to dogs alongside its human menu, with the burger available free of charge to customers’ dogs between 23 August and 29 August.

The ‘Quarter Hounder’ was formulated as part of a collaboration between canine nutrition specialist David Jackson and chefs at Mayfair’s Smith & Whistle. The burger will contain a piece of lean chicken meat between two sweet potato slices, garnished with kale and tomato with the option of cheese.

Smith and Whistle prides itself on being a dog-friendly bar and is popular with dog walkers due to its close proximity to Green Park.

Bar manager of Smith and Whistle, Bruno Castro, said: “We were delighted with the success of our “dogtail” menu in April and have loved welcoming so many pooches through the doors of Smith and Whistle. The popularity of the dogtails highlighted the demand for places that really go above and beyond to cater for man’s best friend and so we’re excited to be adding a new item to our menu for them in celebration of National Burger Day.

“We’re confident the Quarter Hounders will go down a treat.”

Following the promotion the burger will cost £8 as part of the restaurant’s menu for dogs.

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