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Dogs are actually a woman’s best friend, research finds

The saying goes “dogs are a man’s best friend,” however a new survey from pet food manufacturer Eukanuba, has suggested the opposite could be true.

Some 56% of owners claimed their dog responded better to a female’s voice rather than a male’s with pups more likely to wag their tail (71% vs 63%), jump up excitedly (42% vs 37%) and run to greet them (74% vs 63%) compared to the men in their lives.

What’s more, it appears our four-legged companions prefer the “soothing tones” of a woman’s voice when it comes to helping them feel relaxed and are more confident when introduced to new people or dogs if they have their female friend by their side.

Almost three quarters of women admit to talking to their dogs throughout the day (compared to just 53% of men), while a third (32%) will even sing to them. In addition, 40% of women will allow their dog to sleep in their bed and 61% will prioritise them over their love or social life.

Kellie Ceccarelli, Eukanuba’s veterinary manager, said: “Whether your dog prefers you or your partner, one thing’s for sure; as a nation we’re passionate about our pets. There are so many ways we can say, ‘I love you’ to our dogs but we should always ensure this isn’t through the sharing of human food.

Puppy eyes can be hard to turn down but feeding premium nutrition which supports optimal body condition for lifelong wellbeing for many more happy years is a much better way to thank your four-legged friend for the unconditional love they give you every day.”

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