Pedigree Dentastix launches SelfieStix

Pet food manufacturer Pedigree, has launched the Selfiestix, a small plastic clip that attaches a DentaStix treat to the top of any smartphone to take pictures of their dogs.

The launch comes after a Dog People study found that 65% of dog owners took more photos of their dog than their significant other or friends.

The manufacturer has also launched Dentastix Studios, a social media platform, where pet owners can add filters to their dogs.

Rafael Blanco, brand manager, Pedigree DentaStix said: “We can all relate to that desire of wanting the perfect photo with your pet and ultimately having to compromise, despite your best efforts.

“The Selfiestix clip is a fun way to help pet parents capture that moment on their phone, while also creating a lasting, bonding experience that brings pets and their owners even closer. As an added bonus, the dog is rewarded with a delicious Pedigree Dentastix treat, which tastes great and cleans their teeth.”

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