New research cracks canine conversation

Pets at Home has revealed that it has cracked the code of canine conversation and has trained colleagues to communicate with dogs in each of its 400 plus stores across the UK.

What’s more, the company is launching free workshops for dog owners to learn the exact science of understanding patterns within their dog’s bark, including volume and tone. By studying these aspects of a bark, owners will be able to understand their animal’s wants and needs and even make basic conversational interactions possible.

The groundbreaking study took place in a secret research facility close to the company’s Cheshire headquarters, where speech and language therapists worked alongside dog behaviourists for a number of years on the study, code named ‘Project Woof’.

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Researchers working on the project were able to analyse the individual barks of 167 different breeds of dogs. The findings were then used in everyday settings to clarify the language of canines and to create a comprehensive conversational guide.  Just as human accents vary regionally, likewise each breed of dog has its own unique intonation, which has been factored into the free workshops, which are available in all stores from 1 April.

Peter Pritchard, chief operating officer at Pets at Home, said: “I’m sure that many pet owners will have thought ‘I wish I knew what my furry friend was trying to communicate to me’ or ‘I’d love to know what they were thinking’. We’re thrilled to finally offer this for our customers and to be able to make communication with their canines possible for the very first time.“This top secret project has been a labour of love for us at Pets at Home and has seen us conduct exhaustive research in order to launch these free workshops. We hope to extend the service further by training vets to use the powers of speech in their work, making diagnosis and treatment simpler than ever before.”

Pets at Home’s free canine conversation workshops launch today and will be available at all stores across the UK.

For more information and to book a place on these workshops, please contact your local store.

This story was posted on April 1st.


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