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Beco Pets challenges UK dogs to ‘Get Fit, Not Fat’

Beco Pets has joined the fight against pet obesity. The eco-pet product company has launched a campaign to help the UK’s three million overweight dogs get fit, not fat.

Central to Beco Pets’ campaign is the popular new flying disc toy in their ‘Fetch’ range, The Beco Flyer, which encourages dogs to take healthy exercise outdoors.

Beco Pets will be giving away 1,000 free Beco toys to owners of fat British dogs nationwide to encourage them to take exercise. The company also plans to circulate a leaflet outlining ’10 Golden Rules’ for getting dogs fit.

300 veterinary practices have been asked to sign up to the campaign and distribute educational leaflets. Doggy boot camps and fat camps, have been sent ‘Beco Flyer’ gifts, for dogs to chase and retrieve.

Beco Pets co-founder and design director Toby Massey, said: “We want British dogs to get healthier and stay slim. That’s why we’ve launched our campaign, which is aimed at both dogs and their owners. The Beco Flyer is designed to fly further than a traditional ball, increasing the mileage your pet covers. The Flyer’s bright colours also make it easier to spot as even the best retriever gets a little confused!”

Fellow Beco Pets co-founder and sales director George Bramble commented: “It’s vital to keep dogs healthy. I’ve seen research that shows 60 per cent of pets in the UK aren’t ever weighed, and dog obesity is on the rise. We have a duty of care to do better. Owning a dog should be a reason to get outside and get some exercise. Looking after a dog responsibly can be great for both the dog’s and the owner’s waist line.”


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