BSB Products introduces Carnilove Food for dogs to the UK

European dog food brand, Carnilove is now available to UK stores, thanks to BSB Products Limited.

Already available in Pampurred Pets and Just for Pets amongst others, Carnilove dog foods are grain-free and potato free and formulated with respect for the natural origins of dogs.

The product range includes carefully selected wild-origin meats which correspond to the composition of natural prey.  Recipes include Duck & Pheasant, Salmon, Lamb & Wild Boar, Reindeer and Salmon & Turkey, all with 70 percent meats and 30 percent forest fruits, vegetables and herbs.

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The products contain forest fruits, vegetables and herbs to provide nutrients, fibre and vitamins. Fruits and herbs are rich in anti-oxidants supporting cell protection and boosts the immune system.

Carnilove ingredients also include chicory root and sea algae supporting cellular immunity and crustacean shells which positively effects the condition and mobility of joints and ligaments. No chemicals, preservatives or colourants are added to the ingredients.

Available in 1.5kg and 12kg bags, Carnilove Adult Duck & Pheasant has SRP’s of £7.95 & £47.95 respectively. To find out more about the introductory offers and  trade margins, contact BSB Products on 01737 488400 or email

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