Arcadia Reptile launches new ‘JungleDawn’ lighting

Arcadia Reptile has announced the release of a brand new product range within its ‘JungleDawn’ lighting brand.

Arcadia Reptile’s JungleDawn-LED Bar uses ‘high output’ LED technology to generate a true ‘full-spectrum’ of visible light in order to aid live plant growth in planted enclosures, but also increases light levels for basking species of reptiles.

JungleDawn-LED Bar also uses an exclusive full-spectrum array of LEDs within its ‘Triple-Track’ system to provide a true flood of energy rich illumination without pin spotting or dark areas. The light’s also do not use PAR limiting Red and Blue LEDs which lower lumen output, lower PAR, PUR, CRI and create an unnatural Purple Hue.

Arcadia Reptile said: “Using the very latest full-spectrum technology ensures very high light levels (up to 141 lumens per watt), High PAR, High % of PUR, High CRI and an overall colour of 6200kelvin.

“JungleDawn-LED Bar has a high level of internal electronic protection, compliments Arcadia Reptile UV lamps and can even be linked directly to the ‘ProT5/ShadeDwellerPro’ UV-B systems.”

The new range includes four standard lengths, each designed to fit onto standard glass ‘mesh topped’ terrariums. The kit also includes a free fittings kit to allow fitting inside of vivaria, power cord with switch and free linking cable. Up to 10 units can be linked via daisy-chain from one power source.

The range is available worldwide with RRPs in the UK starting at just £39.99 per complete kit.

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