Jollyes’ poster claims ‘pets make great Christmas presents’

Jollyes Petfood Superstores has issued an apology following widespread social media criticism. The chain’s Bedford store displayed a poster with the claim: ‘Pets make great Christmas presents!’

The poster also told customers: ‘Please note the last day you will be able to purchase any pets is 23rd December. We do this in the interests of the pet’s health as they need 24 hours to settle in to a new home before being handled’.

The poster caused an outcry after the image was shared on social media. Members of the public posted large numbers of comments upon the company’s Facebook page, including: “Pets are to be nurtured, loved and become a part of the family … Not a present!” and “I must admit I am totally surprised and very disapointed that any petshop would have this irresponsible message up.”

Jollyes issued the following statement: “After being notified by a customer that a poster was put on display in one of our stores that gave an irresponsible message and showed poor judgement we took immediate action in having it removed and have launched an internal investigation as to why this happened.” To view the full message visit the company’s Facebook page.

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