Burgled pet store owners reunite with stolen animals

Owners of the Perth Pet Centre in St Catherine’s Retail Park have been reunited with a bearded dragon, three corn snakes and a tarantula that were stolen during a burglary on February 18 2016.

Coins worth approximately £120 and heat lamps were also taken during the raid. A Police Scotland spokesperson told the BBC that a 20 year old man has been charged in connection with the incident.

The store’s Facebook page said: “The snakes and spider are all in good condition but Edgar the beardie was very cold and doesn’t appear to have been looked after properly.

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“However the main thing is they are alive and back where they can be looked after.”

The post continued: “Unfortunately our money wasn’t recovered and only some of our other stolen property was found by the police, but the main thing is the safety of the animals and they are safe”, reported the BBC.






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