“New Ideas in Feeding” – Dexas HDuO Companion Cup, Distributed by AMPets Products in UK



The Dexas HDuO Companion Cup, distributed exclusively in the UK by AmPet Products, is ideal for dog owners who love to take their pets on long walks and short trips in the car or on public transport.

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Since its launch to the pet trade at PATS Harrogate in September, the HDuO has created huge interest with its unique features.

The specially designed product contains a two-compartment bottle that allows two drinks or food to be stored and poured separately into a collapsible cup. It means the dog owner can take along a mixture of food or drink needed on a walk, without having lots of things to carry. The owner can alternatively use one of the compartments for a storing their own drink.

The HDuO won a prestigious Dr Marty Becker Best New Product Award at Global Pet Expo earlier in the year.

Dr Becker, a renowned vet in the US, said: “You share kisses with your dog, but do you want to share the same water or carry separate drink bottles for each of you? Probably not, and that’s why the Dexas HDuO Collapsible Companion Cup is the perfect solution, because it allows you to carry one bottle with separate reservoirs for pet and person. Plus, when you’re ready to collapse from a vigorous walk with your pet, you can whip out the attached collapsible pet cup and let your pet slurp away.”

The unique features of the HDuO include:

  • Each compartment has its own opening and pouring spout.
  • It is made from a quality, durable, food grade material, which seals in the contents of each compartment, and stops any contamination.
  • It’s possible to have two different flavour drinks in the same bottle.
  • HDuo is fitted with a flexible travel cup, for animal drinking or feeding.

“This is a completely new idea in feeding and drinking for dogs on walks, or on car journeys,” said Alex Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director of Ampet Products.

“HDuO means you can have your own drink, and your dog’s drink completely separately, but in one bottle which is going to be very popular with a lot of dog walkers.”

HDuO is available in clear material with three bright colours cap options – Purple, Blue and Green – and retails for around £19.99.

If you’re interested in stocking the Dexas HDuO Companion Cup, contact Alex Wilson on 0330 088 1673 or by email

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