Pet Lovers Show Generosity

For most of us, the pet world is a positive place to work so when dishonesty is uncovered it can come as something of a shock.

Earlier this week Manchester Dogs’ Home was informed of a scam. In Worsley, Salford and Leigh near Wigan, door-to-door callers fraudulently claimed to be collecting money for the organisation. Householders were encouraged to hand over bank details in the belief they were aiding the Dogs’ Home, which lost more than fifty animals in an arson attack on September 11th.

Manchester Dogs’ Home rescued over a hundred dogs from the blaze and has since moved the majority to alternative sites including its sister organisation, the Cheshire Dogs’ Home.

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Following the discovery of the scam it tweeted: ‘Warning to public: Anyone coming door-to-door in the Manchester area to set up direct debit donations to the Dogs’ Homes, it’s not us!’ Householders approached by the fraudsters were encouraged to contact the police.

This news come hot on the heels of another loss. In late September a customer in the Chorlton branch of Tesco swiped cash from a collection tub for Manchester Dogs’ Home. The Manchester Evening News reported the subsequent social media hunt which found the culprit and resulted in his apology – and repayment of the money.

The tragedy has also led to great public generosity. Over £2 million in legitimate donations has been raised following the blaze. Many members of the public dug deeply into their pockets, with some individuals offering staggering amounts. An unnamed donor, rumoured to be dog-loving footballer Mario Balotelli, gave a generous five figure sum and X-Factor judge Simon Cowell provided £25,000. It seems as though, in balance, honesty and animals lovers have overcome a small number of scammers.

If you would like to donate to donate to Manchester Dogs Home go to the JustGiving website.

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