Hedgehogs and snails among list of country’s most unusual pets

Britain’s pet owners have revealed they own an array of unusual animals, with hedgehogs, scorpions, owls and snails all appearing in the top 10 most popular list.

According to a survey, carried out on behalf of one of the country’s top pet ownership websites, pygmy hedgehogs, frogs and snails are among the most popular of the pets considered ‘exotic’ or ‘obscure’ in the United Kingdom.

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“We were amazed by some of the answers we received,” said Mark Singleton of

“It’s obvious that, despite some of the weird animals people have, they care for them just as well as any conventional pet.

“Pygmy hedgehogs are very popular among exotic pet owners, and they are surprisingly low maintenance; while tarantulas are popular because of their obvious shock value. Once you’ve invested in the right equipment they too are easy to look after.

“We probably wouldn’t advise cuddles, though!”

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