Survey shows more than half of Britain’s dogs allowed to sleep on owners’ beds

New research has indicated that a significant proportion of pet-loving Brits regularly welcome their dogs onto their beds.

PetNet surveyed 2,833 dog owners on its website to find that 55 per cent of dogs are allowed to sleep on their owner’s bed. Jack Russell Terriers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were revealed as the breeds who covet their owners’ beds the most.

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Managing director of PetNet Steve Soden explained: “We ran this ‘Bark for your Breed’ survey to gain an insight into different breeds; the cost of food, ease of training and time spent walking, but we were intrigued by the sleeping arrangements we discovered. The findings reinforce the valued position of our pets in our families with another survey among over 1,000 of our owners confirming 80 per cent are treated like one of the family and 43 per cent love pets more than people!”

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