More Th>n reveals Pet Pad of the Year

More Th>n Pet Insurance has revealed the winner of its inaugural ‘Pet Pad of the Yearcompetition, which gives a whole new meaning to the expression in the dog house.

The winning entry belongs to Wellington, a two-year-old St. Bernard, who lives in a half-storey replica of his owner’s house in Derbyshire.

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At almost two metres tall, Wellington’s pad features insulated walls and floors, carpets, glossed skirting boards, lighting, a slate roof, fully-functioning guttering and, the pièce de résistance, rippled Cotswold windows.

Despite Wellington also having the run of the family home, his owner, Julian Kite, spent the best part of four days constructing the ultimate second residency for his beloved pet.

Not content to leave it at the bricks and mortar, Kite has also gone to town on the surroundings of the mutt’s manor. The dog’s abode is surrounded by a gravel driveway with patio stepping stones, ceramic statues, potted plants and hanging baskets.

It was this dedication that resulted in the judging panel, including Dawn O’Porter and Marc Abrahams, crowning Wellington’s doghouse as Pet Pad of the Year 2012.

“I love the idea of Wellington having his very own property and land to roam. It’s so grand and ridiculous that it’s pure genius. Going through all of the Pet Pad of the Year entries has kept me amused for days and really inspired me to get more creative with my little dog,” said Dawn O’Porter.

Upon the presentation of the award, Julian Kite remarked: “I can’t honestly believe it. What an honour. Designing and building Wellington’s house has been a hobby, so being rewarded in such a way is truly brilliant. It’s just the beginning though, by the time I’ve finished with his kennel I’ll probably want to live in there myself!”

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