Pet shop egg is tropical shark!

A mysterious egg bought in a pet shop recently hatched into a tropical shark!

After outgrowing its home tank, the bamboo shark, which poses no threat to humans, was donated to the Blue Reef aquarium by its owner.

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The shark is currently being looked after in the aquarium’s quarantine area. Once it has been given a clean bill of health aquarists plan to put it on public display.

Capable of growing to more than one metre in length, bamboo sharks are typically found in the Indian Peninsula of northern Australia.

“It’s actually not that unusual for people to buy shark eggs in pet shops without actually knowing which species they are,” said Lee Charnock of Blue Reef.

“There is… a real danger the shark will end up preying on any other creatures which it might share the tank with. The bamboo shark’s diet consists of meaty foods, such as shrimp, crabs, fish and squid.”

Image: A brownbanded bamboo shark (credit: Zul M Rosle)

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