Pet hotel Bilton Hilton on move under new ownership

The hotel for pets – offering spa treatment, luxury stays and fulfilling diva-like requests – has been sold and is on the move to Coventry.

Bilton-Hilton pet hotel started six years ago in the form of a single rabbit hutch in owner Jess Rendle’s garden at her bungalow in Rugby, but it has grown into a one-storey specialised facility catering for all types of household critters.

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Pampered pets have become a mainstay for Jess and quirky requests are not uncommon. From parrots with a hankering for pizza to rabbits with the taste for mashed potato, Jess has catered for all types of pet whim.

“I just accept whatever pet owners ask me,” said Jess. “I just want to make sure the pets feel at home.”

But, after making plans to emigrate to Australia, Jess has passed on the reins to former customer Sarah Mitchell, who will open the Bilton-Hilton from her home in Whitley, Coventry.

Jess thinks the appeal of the animal hotel is that they cater for all household pets – offering spa treatments as well as a surrogate home – and pet owners wanting their animals to get the best treatment.

“There are plenty of catteries and dog kennels out there but it shouldn’t all be about dogs and cats.

“The response to the hotel has been phenomenal. I think my customers appreciate the top level of service that we offer small animals,” she added.

Bookings and information can be obtained through emailing

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