‘Bucket list’ for dogs revealed

Pet insurance providers More Th>n has unveiled the definitive list of the 50 things every dog should do in its lifetime.

Stylised as ‘the bucket list for dogs’, More Th>n consulted vets, dog behaviour experts and pet owners to detail the list of must-do activities for the nation’s dogs.

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Things such as ‘flop down in front of a roaring fire’; ‘go mad in the snow’; ‘rip the stuffing out of a pillow or cushion’; and ‘get filthy within 30 minutes of a bath’ are included in the list.

Once the list was defined, the insurer set about finding out how many of the 50 experiences the UK’s mutts had undertaken.

It was revealed that eight per cent of dogs had not experienced any of the activities listed, while seven per cent had completed it in its entirety.

Remarking on the findings, TV vet Marc Abraham said: “Make no mistake about it, we’re a nation of dog lovers, but it seems a lot of owners have become stuck in a rut. Taking our dogs on morning and evening walks during the week and out to a park at the weekend has become the norm. Understanding and appreciating the many different things you can now do with your dog will greatly enrich the lives of both you and your four-legged friends.”

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