How dog food made from insects protects the environment

On behalf of Bellfor

In Germany alone more than 10 million dogs need to be fed every day. Usually meat-based dog food is put into the bowl. This is the norm and will surprise very few people. After all, dogs are semi-carnivores and therefore depend on being supplied with a sufficient amount of animal proteins and fats.

In view of the burden on the environment that is caused by meat production, it is however worthwhile to find alternatives that ensure sustainable as well as adequate nutrition for dogs. The dog food manufacturer Bellfor offers an unusual solution with its insect-based products.

Problems caused by intensive livestock farming

Long gone are the days when farm animals had a happy life outdoors. Instead, factory farming is the norm. This is not only associated with considerable suffering for the animals themselves. Factory farming puts also an enormous strain on the environment.


Today more than 75 percent of all agricultural land is used for livestock farming or the cultivation of animal feed such as soy. In addition, meat production requires huge amounts of water and especially cattle produce enormous amounts of methane. As a greenhouse gas, it has a much greater impact on climate change than CO2.

Insects are a sustainable alternative

Considering the problems mentioned, which are by no means all of the environmental damage caused by factory farming, as well as the ever-growing world population, it is high time for alternative food sources. This not only goes for humans, but also for dogs.

While many manufacturers offer vegan dog food for this purpose, Bellfor has opted for a different solution due to the nutritional needs of dogs and has developed various types of dog food with insects as the source of protein.

The larvae of Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly), which are used for this purpose, offer many advantages in terms of environmental protection.

This includes in particular the following points:

  • The larvae only take up a fraction of the space.
  • Significantly less food is required for the insects.
  • The larvae don’t produce methane during digestion.
  • No antibiotics are required for their breeding.

Is insect protein healthy for dogs?

It goes without saying that responsible dog owners attach great importance to the dog food of their choice being healthy and guaranteeing an adequate supply of nutrients for their furry friend. This is without doubt the case with the insect-based varieties from Bellfor, since the insect protein contains all essential amino acids and has a high biological value.

It is also easily digestible and very wholesome. Since insects have so far hardly been used in dog food, it has practically no allergy potential, which makes it ideal for feeding nutrition-sensitive and allergic dogs.

Interested pet owners can discover wet food, dry food and grain-free dog snacks with insects in the Bellfor range. Furthermore there are various natural food supplements and care products available that also take advantage of insect protein or insect fat. A permanent and complete switch is therefore unproblematic and a good choice not only regarding the environment, but also for the well-being of dogs.

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