Dog owners to pay £2,400 in day care services once they return to work

According to, owners will be expected to pay out £2,464.80 a year on dog care services once offices reopen

Dog owners in the UK will be expected to pay out £2464.80 in day care services a year for their pets once they return to work after lockdown, according to a new survey from

Over a third (36%) of dog owners said their pet will be left home alone there to four days per week, for over 19 hours across the working week, which increases the risk of home insurance claims resulting from pet damages.

Furthermore, over a quarter (27%) confirmed they will pay for dog day care, while 25% will either pay for a dog sitter or a walker.

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On the data, veterinarian consultant Dr. Heather Venkat, said: “Dogs have had their owners around daily for the last year, so it’s natural for them to feel lonely if left alone.

“If you think they’ll suffer from separation anxiety and in turn, become destructive, try giving your dog an interactive toy to keep them occupied so they’re not worried and don’t have time to cause havoc.”

She added: “There are also many natural chews and supplements out there that can help dogs feel calmer and reduce feelings of anxiety. Look for supplements that include lemon balm, or chamomile.”

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