Wagg unveils new packaging as part of major rebrand

UK dry dog food brand, Wagg, is relaunching its entire range of dog food in a bid to help it stand out and attract new customers while driving sales amongst existing ones.

IPN, the owner of the Wagg brand, has invested £500,000 in relaunching the packaging to ensure it conveys the quality of its dry dog food and dog treats whilst giving consumers quick, simple access to all the important nutritional information on the pack itself. Wagg will also launch a new website with an aim to give pet owners easy access to detailed information about its products.

The company conducted research ahead of the relaunch and found that many customers believed its current packaging was “very overwhelming” and claimed the language used can be “confusing”. Wagg made changes to its packs to ensure all the important information is now clearly displayed in easy to understand language. All additional information has been moved to the website, so the packs can stay clean and clear.

The new-look packaging will hit shelves this September across Wagg’s entire range of dry dog food and treats as it looks to cement its position as a leading brand in the category. The investment in the relaunch is also part of Wagg’s ambition to create a clear identity across its entire range, establishing a point of difference from own label competitors and supporting its ambition to increase market share.

Lucy Stones, brand marketing manager for IPN, the owner of the Wagg brand, said: “We believe it should be as easy as possible for the average person to feed their pet well, giving their animals exactly what they need without having to pay a premium price.

“We decided to invest in a relaunch of our packaging and website to clearly communicate this belief whilst being as transparent as possible that only good stuff that goes into our food. Another important consideration for us was ensuring that we communicate the care and quality that goes into every single one of our Wagg products.”

She added: “Despite the fact our pet food is affordable to the mass market we know it’s important that shoppers don’t perceive they are getting a lower quality product. The new packaging brings the fun Wagg personality to life whilst communicating our expertise as the brand that knows exactly what your dog really needs and nothing it doesn’t.”

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