Monkfield Nutrition and EuroRep merge

Monkfield Nutrition and EuroRep have announced the merger of the two businesses.

The merger also adds Habistat to Monkfield Nutrition’s product offering. The addition of HabiStat falls in line with the ‘Arcadia’ product range which was acquired earlier in 2017.

Monkfield Nutrition will work closely with the EuroRep team who are joining the business in order to develop and expand the Habistat brand. Many new innovative products are already on the drawing board making for an exciting 2018.

Together Monkfield Nutrition and EuroRep share a combined history of over 60 years. Monkfield Nutrition, historically concentrating on livefood whilst HabiStat became a well-known brand for reptile care products, many of which are manufactured in the UK.

Jo Wise, managing director of Monkfield Nutrition, said: “As reptile-keeping continues to grow in popularity, it is important that they are all well-nourished and looked after appropriately. We take that responsibility very seriously indeed. The addition of Habistat to our product offering will be the start of an exciting 2018 as we relocate into new purpose-built premises and focus our energies on fulfilling our customer promise to offer products and advice that you can rely on.”

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