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Lily’s Kitchen awarded top ethical rating

The British pet food producer, Lily’s Kitchen, has been named one of UK’s top rated ethical pet food companies for the ninth year running.

The rating was awarded by the ethical consumer comparison company The Good Shopping Guide.

Lily’s Kitchen has been awarded an index score of 100, which highlights the company’s continued commitment to ethical behaviour, responsible corporate governance and employee integrity.

Henrietta Morrison, CEO and founder of Lily’s Kitchen, comments: “We are once again hugely honoured to be recognised by The Good Shopping Guide as one of the UK’s most Ethical Pet Food brands.

“At Lily’s Kitchen we embrace all that is special in the relationship between pets, people and the planet. Our Mission Statement includes a commitment to environmental stewardship: we are dedicated to providing proper food for pets, with a commitment to tread carefully on the planet and actively engage with our community.

“This accolade is a tremendous achievement and it speaks highly of the work we have always put in to doing the right thing for pets, people and the planet.”

When compiling this year’s list, The Good Shopping Guide independently assessed the company’s competency in ethics and compliance; culture of ethics; leadership, innovation and reputation; corporate responsibility and governance, as well as reviewing a new CSR report from Lily’s Kitchen.

Henrietta continues: “‘Our first ever CSR report was a huge undertaking, it acts as a barometer for us so we can check our performance and acknowledge our progress on important environmental and social topics such as responsible sourcing, sustainability, charitable initiative and employee schemes.”

During the ethical audit, the research team at The Good Shopping Guide also commented: “We would like to commend Lily’s Kitchen on their first CSR Report, which shows a clear understanding of the company’s environmental impacts.  Over and above standard environmental policies/reports from companies of this size and the inclusion of environmental targets is seen as a positive step.”

B Corp UK

Two years ago, Lily’s Kitchen became a founding member of B Corp UK. The organisation begun in the US with Etsy and Patagonia are among the founding members. The collection of companies united in their desire to use business as a force for good. Lily’s Kitchen is still the only pet food company to be a certified B Corp and is currently in the process of recertifying.

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