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Pooch and Mutt featured in Vogue Paris

Fast growing UK pet company Pooch and Mutt features in the August issue of Vogue Paris.

Pooch and Mutt’s ‘health food for dogs’ range consists of grain-free and wheat-free foods with natural ingredients that aim to help with a variety of health problems common to dogs.

“We know that for humans, ‘food is fuel for life’ and Pooch and Mutt believe the same should be true for dogs,” says Pooch and Mutt’s Lucy Connor.

In the August edition of Vogue Paris, the magazine features an article which highlights ways in which humans maintain their health and well-being, with comparative advice on how to provide the same care for pets. The piece addresses the importance of pet well-being, recommending a range of care products and their benefits.

With suggestions focused on pampering products to encourage the happiness and well-being of dogs, the article recommends choosing nourishing bathing options to promote a healthy, shiny coat. Anju Beaute shampoo is mentioned for its gentle properties, followed with The Ultimate Dog Wash Curious Coconut Conditioner. The feature also suggests treating dogs to Dog Choc as an indulgent snack.

Pooch and Mutt is commended for featuring probiotics in a range of food and treats. The article highlights a variety of health benefits probiotics can have on humans. Pooch and Mutt’s Brain & Train wheat-free treats feature as an example of probiotic pet care. The treats are natural, ethical and low-calorie and are available from the Pooch and Mutt online store.

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