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Peregrine Livefoods secures exclusive deal with Biopod™

Peregrine Livefoods has announced an exclusive deal with Biopod™

Biopod™ is the complete reptile and amphibian micro-habitat set to launch globally on 17 July. Company founder Jared Wolfe initially conceived Biopod to be a safe haven for endangered rainforest species, namely frogs. The goal was to re-create conditions found in the wild and assist in conservation projects to breed endangered species and release back into the wild.

After years of design and testing, Biopod launched a Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign and raised over $1.2 million through over 1,200 backers. It’s since received huge exposure in North America and had further private equity investment.

Latest technology

Biopod comes in five sizes and contains technology to keep a wide range of pets in a controlled habitat with the use of a smartphone application. The systems include air and ground heating, UVA & UVB lighting through LED and cold cathode fluorescent lighting. They contain misting systems and even a camera which can be viewed through the app anywhere around the world.

The Aqua and Aqua II models can be set up as a “paludarium” – part terrarium and part aquarium and these also contain an aeration unit. All features turn on or off throughout the day at set intervals pre-determined by the wild conditions for each species.

Simple system

Biopod is a simple “plug and play” system. It can be taken out the box, plugged in and once connected to wi-fi, the application takes over and does all the work.

Users simply select the species from a broad list already populated by Biopod and the conditions are re-created. Biopod has worked with a team of biologists and conservationists who have taken readings of temperatures and humidity from hundreds of locations around the world. Those readings are taken directly in the spots where the animals live, for instance under tree cover in a dense rainforest near a running stream.

For those who want to take over, Biopod also has a manual mode, allowing the user to adjust settings to their own specific requirements.

Chris Jones, Sales & Marketing Director at Peregrine Livefoods commented: “We are delighted to have secured this exclusive partnership with Biopod. Having tested these products for several months now, we can say with certainty there’s nothing like this on the market and believe this is truly game changing. Finally, we have a system that can control conditions safely and more accurately than any other system. It looks modern, it’s easy to set-up and makes keeping rare and beautiful species more accessible to the beginner.”

Biopod will be available exclusively through Peregrine Livefoods. For information and pricing, please contact Peregrine Livefoods on 01279 438 459. You can also go online and register your interest at:


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