Bob Martin partners with ‘Queen of Clean’ Aggie MacKenzie

TV’s ‘Queen of Clean’ Aggie MacKenzie is the new face of Bob Martin’s Clear Home campaign.

Aggie is best known for delving into people’s homes to tackle their cleaning problems. She will work with Bob Martin to educate pet owners on the importance of tackling fleas in the home as well as on their animal.

Aggie said, “I am delighted to be working with Bob Martin to raise awareness of how to tackle fleas in the home, it’s worrying that pet owners don’t realise the size of the problem.

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“If pets have fleas, they’re undoubtedly lurking in the home, so pet owners need to not only treat their pet, but also focus on every room where their pets spend time to eradicate the overall problem. The Bob Martin Clear range is great; it has a product for every need including pesticide-free.”

Aggie is starring in a short video to highlight the problem, and offer tips and advice on tackling fleas in the home. She is available for interview and is also taking to the radio waves to share the research findings and expel common myths on fleas. The Clear Home campaign also runs across Bob Martin’s social channels.

Flea infestations are common in warmer weather. Only 5 percent of fleas live on pets. The remaining 95 percent living in the owner’s home.

Bob Martin states that new consumer research among dog and cat owners has revealed that two thirds believe they would know what to do if there was a flea infestation. However, less than half (42 percent) treated their home for fleas when their pet last had fleas. 28 percent have never used a home flea product.

The Bob Martin Clear range offers a full range of treatments for pets including flea collars, combs, tablets and spot-ons as well as a full range, including sprays, powders and foggers designed for the home.

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