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TRIXIE releases new pet products

Pet accessory producer, TRIXIE, has announced the release of the Fun Timer. This activity game aims to keep cats and dogs occupied for short periods.

The Fun Timer has five compartments that can be filled with small toys or snacks. These surprises are released to drop out in a selected interval of 30 or 60 minutes, accompanied by a signal tone. The product is accompanied by an instruction manual with tips and tricks for pet training.

Another new product, The Fun Launcher, aims to tap into dogs’ natural curiosity and offer mental and physical encouragement. The product, which is part of the Dog Activity, line is a strategy game that’s suitable for any dog who’s comfortable with noise.

The pet can place the ball in the top opening of the ball throwing machine. Combined with a signal tone, the ball is then launched from the Fun Launcher. The included funnel can be used to change the difficulty level. 

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