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Labradors ‘most cared for’ dog in pet care company survey

Pet-care provider, Petpals, surveyed its members to discover which breed of dog they care for the most. The Labrador Retriever was voted ‘most cared for’ dog with 39 percent of the vote. The second favourite was the Cocker Spaniel at 28 percent.

The business’ core role is dog walking and dog boarding. The company’s 50-plus business owners and their staff also visit pets at home when their owners are away, feeding and talking to mice, snakes, fish, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs and even the occasional donkey.  

The full list of results was:

‘Which breed of dog do you look after most?’

  • Labrador Retriever 39.47 percent
  • Cocker Spaniel 28.95 percent
  • None of the Above 15.79 percent (which included Cockerpoos, Spaniel X breeds and a Weimeraner)
  • Golden Retriever 5.26 percent
  • Border Terrier 5.26 percent
  • Springer Spaniel 2.63 percent
  • Mongrel 2.63 percent

Rachel Williams, secretary of the Labrador Retriever’s Club said: “I’m not surprised by this result at all. Labrador owners are amongst the best, they are kind and caring and know that their dog needs exercise and company at all times so are willing to pay for someone to come in, when they can’t be there”.

Kevin Thackrah, Managing Director of Petpals added: “We are delighted to see that the most popular breed of dog we look after is the trusty Labrador. The Lab is the quintessential British family dog, owned by thousands of hard-working, dog-loving families across the country and we’re delighted that they have trusted us to look after their most precious family pet.

“Family life in 2016 is much busier than it used to be, everyone is working longer hours, mums and dads both work and after-school activities take up time traditionally used to walk the dog; we’re simply there to offer a helping hand, to take the weight off people’s shoulders and give their most beloved family pet the walks they need.”

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