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Cats go wild for DREAMIES™ in new campaign

Mars brand DREAMIES™ brand has launched a new campaign. PACKATTACK™ is inspired by online pictures and videos of real cats tearing into packs of treats. DREAMIES™ has called upon consumers to share their own PACKATTACK™ experiences.

Clementine Wilding-Taylor, senior brand manager at Mars Petcare said: “Pack Attack is a fun campaign based on a real-life insight that we hope will really strike a chord with cats and owners alike. We see lots of cat owners posting photos of their cats with shredded DREAMIES™ packs and we are bringing this story to life and asking consumers to share their PACKATTACK™ experiences.”

The PACKATTACK™ campaign illustrates the irresistibility of DREAMIES™ treats with integrated touch points, including creative print, out of home posters, digital content and social media.

An online film highlights cats’ affection for the treats and showcases what happens when cats are introduced to DREAMIES™/CATISFACTIONS™ products. Fans are being encouraged to share their cat stories, photos or videos on Facebook. For more information on DREAMIES™ treats, the PACKATTACK™ campaign or to check out the online video,  visit

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